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What is a property funnel and does your estate agency have one?

Put simply, it is the process to take someone from a cold lead to a hot lead, which is predictable, repeatable and runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is your sales and marketing team combined into one system that delivers hot, pre-suaded leads into your inbox. 

Here's How It Works...

Why Create a Property Sales Funnel?

Imagine you’re a fisherman (stay with me here).

You throw out your bait (the property) and you see how many fish are interested in biting. They all gather around and you throw your net.

Imagine your sales funnel as the net you throw. Some of the fish may be too small to be caught and they'll wriggle out, and that's okay because you don't want those fish anyway. However, unless you've invested in your net, some really great fish (that you wanted to keep) might slip through the holes as well.

An optimised property sales funnel is like a net without holes. Sure, you may throw some back because they're not exactly right for your dinner table, but at least you've given yourself the best possible chance of finding success on the water. 

This is an exert from my Property marketing book, for a free copy send me a message.

Or for a more in depth conversation, schedule a consultation here:

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