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The Estate Agents Good Old Days.

There was a time when estate agents had unrivalled power.

You were the gatekeeper. You held all the cards when it came to property information, neighbourhood advice, and the all-important property listings. But then things started to change.

In 1994, listings were made public. Your control of the local property market had taken a hit. But no matter, while prospects had access to listings, you were still the font of knowledge and the only place where consumers could go to properly understand the confusing world of property sales.

Times were good and the smart agents adapted to this new freedom of information, including it in their marketing plan and drawing even more prospects to their agency. But as it always the case, things were set to change yet again. As the internet grew, speed and efficiency the industry took another hit.

We now live in the age of information. Consumers can find almost all they need to know online. 90% of home buyers turn to online sources and know all about the best and worst neighbourhoods, the differing prices from one street to the next and what to look for when examining a property.

They’re more informed than ever before and you, well, you’re no longer the gatekeeper you once were.

This new generation is far more educated on the property market. It’s going to take a lot more than a few yard signs, business cards or brochures to convince them that you’re the best agent for their needs.

You’ve got to adapt. You can keep practicing the old school marketing and sales methods that got you through the 90s and early 00s, but they’re not going to get you very far.

Tomorrow’s successful estate agents will be those who adapt to the times. The ones who understand that creating a cheap, crappy site with a few listings isn’t enough. You need to do more to prove to consumers that you, out of all the online competition, are the only one who really understands what they need. 

You're not just an agency, you're a production house, who needs create useful, educational and entertaining content for your viewers. Let me repeat that, for YOUR VIEWERS. They simply do not have the time nor care to read about your new fancy office desks. They want straight to the point information about their pocket, their street, their home.

Where's the best place to share your content? Well, look out of the window, where is everybody looking, is it at a billboard? It is in a brochure? It's their mobile phone. Furthermore, 60% of the time on their mobile is spread across 7 social media apps, so get creating, get posting, and stay front of mind for when your viewers are ready to become your clients.

If you want to learn the next steps of how to turn eyeballs into paying customers, go to and you can download my book completely for free.

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